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High Desert Smudge Set


Bring the scents and traditions of New Mexico into your home or better yet give to a new homeowner as a unique housewarming gift.  This lavender and sage gift set will all delightfully refresh any living space. The Lavender Travel Candle and Lavender Mist both include Los Poblanos' signature organic lavender essential oil, grown and distilled on their farm. Tribes native to the American Southwest use sage smudge sticks to spiritually cleanse spaces and drive away negative energy. By (carefully) burning this bundle of dried sage, you can infuse the scent – and traditions – of New Mexico into your home.

  • 2 oz Lavender Travel Candle
  • 1 oz Lavender Mist
  • Sage smudge stick
  • Packaged together in a Lo s Poblanos branded gift box